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another quote re: Long Distance Winner. she really sort of flourished once they joined fleetwood mac hmm? it makes me think that had they not joined and had they stayed BN - she might have come out of her shell some but she probably would have stayed in that frame of mind, make Lindsey better and support him for a long time and it makes me believe them when they say that they probably would have stayed together as a couple, too. i can’t say whether that would have been the best for Stevie’s, you know, personality and emotions but it was really FM that catapulted her away from him. interesting.
“I liked Long Distance Winner…And it was wonderful on stage, and it was about Lindsey and it was, you know, a heavy kind of song about our relationship. Now see I probably would have loved that song much more because I would really sing it now. I wasn’t very confident with my voice when I was in Buckingham Nicks. I didn’t think I had a very good voice, so I didn’t try very hard, I just basically sort of tried to back Lindsey up and make him better.” - Stevie Nicks, Earth News Special, 1982
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